Ajlan Desert Cooler Manufacturer

Al Ajlan Factory was established in 2008, as a producer of desert cooler principally supply to the Local business sector. Our industrial facility is arranged in Sulai area Riyadh. We have more than 50 well trained and professional skilled workers working in the factory for fabrication and assembly and testing of our quality HVAC products.

We have made a couple of researches and experiments on evaporative water based cooling units, to achieve more cooling and comfort and to reduce disadvantages and limitations of evaporative coolers. As a result we achieved a lot of additional features in evaporative cooler which gives more quality and comfortable air.

We also manufacture HVAC related products comply with local and international standards.

    • 2-Stage evaporative cooler with close circuit cooling and warming
    • Vigor proficient focal A/c unit for high encompassing temperature condition
    • Controls with air variable volume damper
    • Manual and mechanized air damper